An Abscessed Tooth Should Not Be Ignored

An Abscessed Tooth Should Not Be Ignored

Ignoring that shooting pain on your back molar could cause you more anguish if you do not pay a visit to your Dentist in Pasadena. An untreated cavity could lead to an abscessed tooth. If it does, your tooth is a time bomb that could go off leaving you with an infection that could spread to the bones that support the root of the diseased tooth.

Your Pasadena Dentists, Dr. Paul Shinto, Dr. Bert K. Funatsu, Dr. Seth D. Ichikawa, or Dr. J. Michael Jann understands that an abscessed tooth should be taken care of as soon as possible.

An abscessed tooth is an infection that spreads from the bacteria at the root of your tooth. Most abscesses are caused by tooth decay, but could also be the result of tooth trauma or gum disease.

The inside of your tooth or the pulp, contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. If an abscess is present, it can be extremely painful.

Symptoms of an abscess may include throbbing or gnawing pain along with shooting pains. Other symptoms to look for include fever, tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing or a bitter taste in your mouth. You may have an abscessed tooth if you have swollen neck glands, foul smelling breath, or general discomfort. Look for swollen areas in the lower or upper jaw and gums that are red and swollen. You may also notice a sore that is full of puss on the side of your gums.

Infections will not heal themselves, especially if the root of your tooth has died. If the pain has suddenly subsided, an infection may still be present.

Schedule an appointment with your Dentist in Pasadena if you suspect an abscessed tooth. If Dr. Paul Shinto, Dr. Bert K. Funatsu, Dr. Seth D. Ichikawa, or Dr. J. Michael Jann detect an abscess antibiotics may be administered in order to kill the infection. Other procedures may include abscess drainage or a root canal. Once the root of the diseased tooth has been taken care of your Dentist in Pasadena may place a crown over the tooth.

In order to diagnose an abscessed tooth, your Pasadena dentist will probe your teeth using a dental instrument looking for pain during biting or when tapped. Your Dentist in Pasadena may order X-rays as well in order to look for bone erosion that has occurred because of the abscess.

Don’t wait until it is too late; schedule an appointment with your Pasadena Dentist today if you suspect an abscessed tooth.