No More Closed Mouth Smile This Thanksgiving

No More Closed Mouth Smile This Thanksgiving

Your smile conveys who you are to the rest of the world, and if you are not happy with the way your toothy grin looks, you may want to consider a cosmetic dentistry consultation with your dentist.

There is still plenty of time to fix your smile before Thanksgiving and if all you need is a couple of tooth whitening sessions, dental bonding or dental veneers, your dentist is just a call or click away.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry explains that these types of cosmetic dental procedures usually take no more than two appointments meaning you can have the smile of your dreams in as little as a couple of weeks, with some procedures you will see results in one appointment.

Depending on what you would like to have done to your smile, you may only need a single appointment. Talk to your dentist about a chairside tooth whitening treatment such as Zoom. With Zoom, all you need is an hour to spare and you will leave the dentist’s office with a whiter, brighter smile. Can you imagine what the girls at the office will say when you come back with a gorgeous new red carpet worthy smile?

If you have teeth that have been previously restored, a chipped veneer, or a couple of silver amalgam fillings that you would like to replace with CEREC, talk to your dentist who can take care of your dental issue in one appointment. CEREC is an amazing chairside dental procedure that is done entirely inhouse.

With CEREC, you can replace your colored crowns or fill that gap between your two front teeth in a single appointment. CEREC is an amazing restoration procedure that your dentist uses for onlays, inlays, veneers, and crowns. CEREC has been around for over thirty years and has more than 250 scientific studies to back it up.

Stop making excuses when it comes to those party invitations and respond with a yes and not a no. Call and schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with your dentist today and get ready to smile for the camera this Thanksgiving!