A New Smile in Just One Appointment

A New Smile in Just One Appointment

If you have always wanted a new smile, but couldn’t afford to take the time for weeks of appointments schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Dentists in Pasadena.

With Cerec, you can be in and out of the office in one single visit with a beautiful grin that you can be proud of. Fix that chipped tooth, or gap in-between your front teeth with a 21st Century restorative dental available from your Cosmetic Dentist. CEREC is the number one choice for thousands of people all over the planet who have wanted ceramic crowns, onlays, and even veneers.

Seeing your dentist on a regular basis is a necessity, with most people opting for necessary treatment. Most Cosmetic Dental procedures take at least two appointments, even more if you are having dental veneers for the majority of your teeth.

With CEREC, by Sirona Dental Systems, you will no longer need to hide your toothy grin. You will have the freedom to smile without having to worry about your stained or crooked teeth.

Teeth that have been restored with CEREC are healthy teeth. These days Cosmetic Dentists do not have to resort to gold, silver amalgam or other metals to repair your teeth. Thanks to CEREC, your Cosmetic Dentist can restore your teeth back to their natural beauty with a strong and functional composition that closely resembles your natural teeth, right down to the color. These materials are so much like your natural teeth that they contract and expand at the same time as your natural tooth when you eat or drink something that is too hot, or too cold. Because the CEREC is bonded directly to your tooth, the healthy part of your tooth or teeth does not have to be removed. CEREC actually strengthens your natural teeth. 

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto’s office Dr. Paul Shinto, Dr. Bert K. Funatsu, Dr. Daniel j. Iannotti or Dr. J. Michael Jann will examine your tooth or teeth in order to determine the best solution. One of the team will decide whether you need a full crown or just a simple filling. Once decided your cosmetic dentist will prepare your tooth for restoration. This is usually done by numbing the area first with a local anesthetic. Once numbed, your dentist will remove any decay and tooth tissue that has weakened. This same preparation would occur for other dental restorative therapies.

Once your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Paul Shinto, Dr. Bert K. Funatsu, Dr. Daniel j. Iannotti or Dr. J. Michael Jann will take an optical impression of each tooth. This eliminates the need for messy impression trays. Before the optical impression is taken your dentist will coat your tooth or teeth with a powder that is both tasteless and non-toxic. Your dentist will then take a photo of the tooth, which only takes a couple of minutes.

After the photo is taken the magic of CEREC begins with the proprietary CEREC software creating a 3-D image of your cosmetic restoration. What is captured on the screen is made into the perfect restoration for your tooth or teeth. Once your dentist is satisfied with the result your data will be sent to the milling machine in the next room where a ceramic block is made that matches your tooth. In about 20 minutes, that CEREC machine has turned that block of ceramic into a perfect match of your tooth colored restoration ready to be bonded into place. Once your dentist has checked the CEREC restorations your new smile is just seconds away.

If you would like more information regarding CEREC, schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto, Dr. Bert K. Funatsu, Dr. Daniel j. Iannotti or Dr. J. Michael Jann who can help you learn to smile again.